WSC Constitution

Full Constitution (PDF)

Table of Contents

Article I Name and Purpose
Article II Membership
Article III Conference Organization
Article IV Meetings
Article V Officers
Article VI Dues, Incomes, and Expenses
Article VII Amendments
BYLAW Section 1 Chain of Command
BYLAW Section 2 Program Review
BYLAW Section 3 Constest Supervision, Conduct & Decorum
BYLAW Section 4 Statistical Reports
BYLAW Section 5 Admission Prices
BYLAW Section 6 Passes
BYLAW Section 7 Television and Radio Rights
BYLAW Section 8 Supremacy Award Determination
BYLAW Section 9 Procedures for Play-Off Contests
BYLAW Section 10 Conference Awards
BYLAW Section 11 Property Damage
BYLAW Section 12 Representatives
BYLAW Section 13 Officials
BYLAW Section 14 General Rules Applicable to All Sports
BYLAW Section 15 Eligibility Procedures
Supplement Baseball
Supplement Basketball
Supplement Beach Volleyball
Supplement Cross Country
Supplement Men's Golf
Supplement Men's Volleyball
Supplement Soccer
Supplement Softball
Supplement Swimming
Supplement Tennis
Supplement Track and Field
Supplement Water Polo
Supplement Women's Golf
Supplement Women's Volleyball
Supplement Wrestling
Appendix A Sports Supplement Format
Appendix B Sports Info Director Job
Appendix C Request for Investigation
Appendix D State Eligibility Forms
Appendix E Program Review Procedures
Appendix E Program Review Standard
Appendix F Athletic Administration Responsibilities
Appendix G Student Athlete Academic Award Form
Appendix H Ejection Report Soccer
Appendix J Coaches Code of Ethics
Appendix L Guidelines for Conference Commissioner Evaluation
Appendix M Constitution-By Law Sport Guide Change Request
Appendix N Conference Treasurer Job Description